In The Shadow of Noximus

The year is 1443 LR and the ominous comet Noximus has appeared nearly a century early. Seers and court wizards from across the Grand Duchy of Goff have prophesied great catastrophe as with all heavenly journeys of Noximus. Rumors of a despotic cult forming among the nobility have even the saintly Grand Duke Karl DiFrancis preparing for civil war. Great halls of the north like those venerable holds of Wraithhome and Wrothclaw have closed their massive mountain doors to deal with an unknown threat from beneath the mountain. In this age of unease the new frontier provinces to the west call out to adventurers in an attempt to keep the peace while their sons and daughters head back to the heart of Goff to prepare for the brewing storm. Prophecy has always been a part of this world and was what first lead men to settle the land of Goff. An age old prophecy, one of heroes is beginning to become reality. Everyone is wondering, "Who are these hero's and when will they put an end to the coming age of Noximus."

The Shadow Noximus is a fantasy D&D campaign painstakingly crafted as a project of passion over the last three years. I have been brain storming this world since my first night of gameplay as a lowly hedge knight by the name of Cole Slagmire. The main setting is the known world which at this time is the Grand Duchy of Goff. The world has experienced a dark age since the collapse of the first mortal empire of Lumeria so much of the world is unknown to the people and few travel beyond a few leagues of their place of birth.  Its my hope that you will enjoy this game and world as we discover it together and craft a story we will be telling for years. 

The Shadow of Noximus